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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions from our students. If your question cannot be answered here you can contact us with your enquiry.

I'm travelling a long way and would like to share a lift. Can you give me addresses of other students?
We do not give out contact details of students but you are welcome to post car share requests on our Facebook wall.

I don't want to travel with knives/aprons. Can these be provided? Yes. If you do not wish to travel with a knife one can be borrowed from us free of charge. Cordon Vert branded aprons can be purchased on the day for £15 each.

I am planning my train times. What time does the venue close? For 1-day workshops the school closes 30 minutes after the end of the course, which is usually around 4pm. The first day of 2-day courses the venue closes after dinner at approximately 8pm. The second day of 2-day courses will finish around 3pm.

I will be arriving before 9.15am. Is this a problem? Not at all. On day workshops staff will be on site from 8.30am so if you need to arrive early for whatever reason we will be able to accommodate you. For other courses please contact us first to check.

Is there free parking? Yes. We have free parking  on site for your convenience and can accommodate approximately 20 cars. There are no height restrictions on vehicles entering Parkdale although if you are traveling by caravan please contact us first to check there is space.

Manchester Airport - 0161 489 8000
Local Bus Information - 0161 228 7811
National Rail Enquiries - 08457 48 49 50
National Express - 0990 80 80 80
Taxi (Trafftax) - 0161 941 2222
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